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10-11-2020 - Varasha Clinic

Ayurvedic treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Vajikarana therapy - This herbal therapy leads to strength, potency, increased time of erection and happiness. This therapy can only be administered in a person who exhibits self-control and is between 18-70 years old.

Other than the specific ayurvedic remedies mentioned, these should also be done:


Massaging of the body especially the genital areas with herbal oils acts as an aphrodisiac.

Yoga and meditation helps to overcome stress and exertion.

Herbal supplements should be taken to rejuvenate the reproductive organ.

A sound sleep of minimum 8 hours a day.

Natural Urges should not be avoided.

Ghee should be added in diet.

Ayurvedic management especially rasayana and vajikaran are popular all over the globe.


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