Erectile Dysfunction Is The No.1 Lifestyle Disorder In Men

It may come as a big surprise to a lot of people that erectile dysfunction is biggest lifestyle  disorder faced by men, it comes ahead of obesity, alopecia, smoking cessation and alcohol dependence. And more worryingly this trend is not only current but predicted to remain so at least till 2016 according to the latest research.

The ironical part is that the rest of the above mentioned lifestyle disorders all contribute to the onset of erectile dysfunction

The erectile dysfunction global therapeutics market was an estimated $3.2 billion in 2009 and this figure has surely increased in the last couple of years. But amazingly the general awareness about the causes and treatment of erectile dysfunction is far less than most of the other above mentioned lifestyle disorders.

Though Viagra is an effective short term treatment for erectile dysfunction with immediate gratification, it does have side effects like blurred vision, nausea etc. and men with a heart condition and high blood pressure need to be careful using it.

Though Viagra needs to be prescribed by a physician, there are a lot of generic versions
easily available in our country, and what this has done is to only encourage a lot of men with erectile dysfunction to self prescribe these generic versions, which can be a dangerous thing to do because most of these are non effective at best and very detrimental to your health at worst.

The important thing for men who suffer from this disorder is to identify the root cause for the manifestation of this condition. They need to consult a qualified doctor or a sexologist, who can diagnose the cause of erectile dysfunction which can range from heart disease, diabetes, obesity, smoking, alcohol and drug abuse and depression just to name a few.

After identifying the cause, the qualified professional will be able to recommend; treatment which may or may not require drugs and the right counseling along with the appropriate lifestyle changes required to get a long lasting solution to this very frustrating problem.

So if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction it is imperative not to panic and not use any type of medication which is not prescribed by a qualified professional, it is vital that you inform yourself about your condition and contact a sexologist who can recommend the right erectile dysfunction treatment, this will not only help you resolve the ED problem you are facing but also help you lead a healthier life in general.

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