Energy Enhancing Foods – Know How Helpful They Are!

In your day to day life, it has become very difficult to maintain routines and habits to the optimal level. But in order to function efficiently and to put your body in full functioning capacity, here are five energy-boosting foods you must try:

1. Honey – This natural sweetener is extremely low on the glycemic index and acts as muscle fuel, thus, helping you to replenish the muscles during and post exercising. It is literally nature’s counterpart to energy drinks that can be added to tea, water or even your yoghurt.

2. Banana – One of the most popular and well-loved energy food, bananas being mostly composed of sugars, can provide a head-on energy boost.

3. Nuts – They are extremely important in converting sugar into energy. Also, they are extremely handy to munch on when feeling lethargic or low in energy. Nuts like almonds, cashew nuts or hazelnuts are rich in magnesium and help to keep blood sugar levels even and supply protein to keep the hunger away.

4. Cardamom – This popular spice is well known to help boost energy by promoting blood flow. Indulge in a cardamom laden curry or a tea infused with cardamom to combat low energy levels.

5. Apples – Since they take much longer to digest in comparison to other fruits, these beautiful fruits provide a more prolonged energy boost. Being high in fibre, they’re easy to carry around and munch on.

This is not an exhaustive list, and there are several more in this list. Pick out the food items that are easily available to you, and keep them handy so that you can pick them whenever you feel exhausted.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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